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Ilene Robeck, MD
Bay Pines VA Hospital System
Bay Pines, FL

About Ilene Robeck, MD

Ilene Robeck, MD, graduated from medical school at the University of Buffalo. She joined the VA in 2007 after working in private practice as an addiction and pain medicine consultant. In 2010, she was transferred to the Bay Pines VA Medical Center where she started and supervises an electronic consultation project. This provides electronic consultation for patients with chronic pain in outlying clinics. This project also increases provider education on chronic pain and opioid risk mitigation through yearly face-to-face conferences and weekly case-based audio conferences. Dr. Robeck is the chronic pain consultant to the suboxone clinic and has started a patient education program on the medical aspects of addiction in the Substance Abuse Residential Program.

Since joining the VA, Dr. Robeck has become co-chair of the VA Primary Care Pain Task Force and a Primary Care Champion for post-deployment care. She is also currently working on a VA Wikipedia project on post-deployment care.

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