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Greg Winterkamp
Addison Health Systems
Dallas, TX

About Greg Winterkamp

Mr. Winterkamp founded Addison Health Systems, Inc. (AHS), in 1985. He began this business by providing consulting services, billing, documentation, and hardware to the health care community. From 1985 to 1994, Mr. Winterkamp and his staff helped launch various software products for other companies. During that time he also researched trends in health care towards the computerization of the doctor and electronic communication to their patients and the 3rd party payer system.

In 1994, he designed a Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system called the WritePad™ EMR System that was released in 1996. The WritePad™ EMR System became the flagship product of Addison Health Systems and is currently used daily by over 4,500 doctors in numerous specialties (with over 17,000 total users) nationwide to track patients, create exam notes, and compile detailed patient reports.

Mr. Winterkamp is a recognized expert and has spoken at conferences throughout his career such as Decision Support Seminars to Fortune 100 companies sponsored by MIT to various Health Care Seminars regarding EMR and Paperless systems. He has also authored numerous articles published in health care journals regarding various subjects. He is currently the Health Information Technology (HIT) Department Head of the Practical Pain Medical Journal, is on their editorial staff of advisors and authors a monthly column on Health Information Technology.

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