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In the Pipeline: Migraine Device

Cefaly Technology's trial product holds promise to abort migraines more effectively than triptans.

A PPM Brief

Recent trials of Cefaly Technology’s migraine device have proved successful in migraine abortion and demonstrated greater benefit in pain relief than triptans. The Belgium-based electronic and medical application company's device, Cefaly Acute, was approved by FDA in late 2017 for the treatment of acute migraine pain.

According to a company release, patient outcomes at two hours after using Cefaly Acute showed that “70.8% of patients had pain relief, 35.4% were pain-free, and 60.4% were free from the most bothersome symptom.”  

Researchers are also comparing Cefaly Acute to investigative medications Lasmiditan, Ubrogepant, and Rimegepant. The company plans to launch a Phase 3 clinical trial in the United States.

Last updated on: January 30, 2018
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