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A Message from the PPM Editors

June 23, 2021
An editorial announcement about Dr. Jeffrey Fudin. It is with a strong hope and full support that we share...


It is with a strong hope and full support that we share with you on behalf of Dr. Jeffrey Fudin, our Co-Editor-at-Large at Practical Pain Management (PPM), that he is facing a battle with Stage 4 colon cancer. Dr. Fudin has and continues to be a great friend, colleague and an inspiring clinician who, even now, remains dedicated to medical education and patient advocacy. We share here an essay he wrote about his unexpected illness which imparts not only clinical lessons but also a model of personal resilience. And perhaps to no surprise to those who know Jeff, the meaningful words are intertwined with his unique sense of humor and humility. Jeff has touched many of our hearts over the years.

In late June, Dr. Jeff Gudin, MD, sat down with Dr. Fudin, his long-term colleague, co-editor, and friend, to talk about what his recent diagnosis has taught him about opioids, patient care, and the field of clinical pharmacy as it stands in pain management. In this 30-minute podcast, the duo discusses everything from Dr. Fudin’s early career in “hemonc” to how pharmacists are trained today, the pipeline analgesics and alternative therapies they are most excited about, the need for patient navigators in pain medicine, and what future clinicians need to know. Listen to the audio file below.


Feel free to reach out to PPM here via emailLinkedInTwitter (#FudinGudin) or via Dr. Fudin's personal blog and send your well wishes.

–Jeff Gudin, MD, Co-Editor-at-Large & Angie Drakulich, Executive Editor, PPM

Last updated on: July 21, 2021
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