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Side Chats: Conversations on Pain Management

A New PPM Podcast Series: Icons of the pain management industry discuss how pain care has changed over the past two decades and where the field is headed.

Episode 4: 20/20 with Nathaniel Katz, MD

Clinical trial specialist Nathaniel Katz, MD shares his 20/20 take on the state of pain research, including a look at methodology and how rational pain management can save future therapeutics. Plus, inside the relentless cycle of opioid use in the US.

Listen to the audio file below. Read the transcript.


Episode 3: 20/20 with Suzanne Amato Nesbit, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, CPE

Clinical pharmacy and pain specialist Suzanne Amato Nesbit, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, CPE shares her 20/20 take on the evolving state of pain medicine, including a look at the role of physicians and community pharmacists in opioid stabilization, how young trainees should incorporate addiction medicine into their studies, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing clinical disparities in an already vulnerable patient population.

Listen to the audio file below. Read the transcript.



Episode 2: 20/20 with Peter Staats, MD, MBA

President-Elect of the World Institute of Pain, Peter Staats, MD, MBA, shares his 20/20 vision on the evolution of the pain management field, from previously unimaginable advancements in neuromodulation, such as vagus nerve stimulation, to what future pain specialists need to know about their patients, collaboration, and money. Listen to the audio file below. Read the condensed transcript.



Episode 1: 20/20 with Lynn Webster, MD

First up, developer of the Opioid Risk Tool and past president of AAPM, Lynn Webster, MD, shares his 20/20 vision, from the beginning of pain management as a specialty to a future where digital medicine and behavioral support may lead the way. Listen to the audio file below. Read a condensed transcript


This new series celebrates Practical Pain Management's 20th anniversary of publication and is led by Editors-at-Large Jeff Gudin, MD, and Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD

Side Chats are coordinated by PPM Executive Editor Angie Drakulich
Last updated on: August 4, 2020
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