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This period in our history has been difficult in so many ways, testing our resolve as a nation and our resilience as a community. However, difficult times inspire innovative solutions and on the physical therapy and rehabilitation front, we are switching gears.
The value of physical therapy to deliver restorative care and rehabilitation for chronic pain of musculoskeletal conditions is expected to grow as our population ages.
Kern Olson, PhD, a pain psychologist, interviews Brad G. Simpson, DPT, his physical therapist who helped him recover from degenerative lumbar disc disease.
Physical medicine and rehabilitation is an exciting and very dynamic field for those of us directly involved in patient care. Part of what makes this branch of medicine particularly attractive for prospective students/practitioners is the emerging technology, which infuses this subspecialty with some interesting treatment options.
An update on the use of core muscle strengthening and lumbar spinal stabilization for patients with low back pain or other indications of spinal musculo-skeletal dysfunction.
Physical therapy has evolved as a supportive specialty of medicine and contributes expertise in multi-modal treatment techniques and therapies that specifically target painful conditions.
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